Deadlands: The Flood PPC

The Past
Progress through plot point 4

The posse includes the following:

Core Group:
Ex Foreign Legion

Isiah “Izzy” Rattagain
Southern Gambler

Speaks with Stars

Li Xialong
Chinese kung fu student
Martial Artist

Guest Characters:
Ex Slave

Yao Zhan “Amy” Ying
Chinese Girl
Gunslinger (Rifle only, Marksman)

Pretty standard fare through the first four plot points with the following memorable moments (to be amended as I see fit and/or remember other stuff). Izzy always makes it fun due to his veteran status (VotWW). His Weeping Widow has stopped by to say hi a couple of times. Li has been deadly with his stone throwing, much to the chagrin of some for the baddies. Speaks with Stars almost dying in the Wailing Hole (Can I hear it for an earth elemental with a 17 toughness!…hello?…is this thing on??) Jacques can always be counted on for the crazy (“I shoot the crate of dynamite”) and the crazy good shots (didn’t think it was possible to drop a Chinese ogre with one shot)

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